my cpu fan speed sometimes reaches at 0 rpm

It is happening after i connected new 500 watts psu it happens for fraction of seconds
This problem is not with old 450 watts psu
I take Readings from hw monitor
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  1. Hi Arif Hassan
    cpu fans are controlled by your motherboard and fan speed will vary depending on the cpu temp.
    It may stop for fractions of seconds if the cpu is cool enough , what cpu temps are you getting when the fan stops ,
    some cpu fans wont even spin untill a certain temp is reached
  2. So in HWMonitor it says 0 RPM? Have you actually checked your CPU fan to see if it has physically stopped spinning.

    Sometimes programs can report errors, for example my North Bridge temperature was -128 in HWMonitor.

    I advise you to use your PC as normal and when you spot your CPU fan RPM go down to 0 check inside your case and look at the fan.

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  3. I do not see fan stopped physically and the temprature is 40-45.c
  4. as long as your cpu temp does not exceed 70c you will be fine but keep an eye on your temps
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    well if you dont see the fan stop when on 0 RPM then that means it is a bugged sensor. Dont worry about it, just make sure that your CPU does not exceed the TJ Max
  6. If the fan stop at 0 rpm what problem should be is that psu,motherboard or cpu fan itself brcause this happened after installing new 500 watts psu
    My motherboard is gigabyte ga-7lmt-s2
    Processor amd fx 4300
    4 gb ram
    Asus nvidia gt610 silent 2gb
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