Can Someone Explain The Difference in the Multiple Graphics Cards Series?

I'm not a tech guy by any means and am looking to upgrade my graphics card. The thing is that there's so many different Series of cards on the market it all seems so complicated.

Im not sure how it works but I thought the Nvidia 700 Series and AMD R9 Series were the best but I see cards from the Nvidia 600 series perform similar to some 700 series cards and same goes for AMD cards and it all just so confusing and makes it hard for someone like me who has no experience in this field to be sure on what GPU to buy.

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  2. i7Baby said:

    TY very much. Dont really care about the difference anymore looks like im going for a GTX 760. Highest performance without breaking the bank
  3. tea urchin said:
    just as a quick guide, the first number on the old system (still is on nvidia)
    is the series(date) the sconnd number is the performance and the 3rd number is zero or if it is a 5 it is a later version of the zero. for instance a gtx 760 is recentest, 6 performance. a gtx670 is last gen, 7 performance. (probably similar to a 760) some new labelled cards are actually last gen re tuned and re badged. some are transistor shrinks of the same gpu chip. better to just look at chart and read reviews.

    Oh wow This is the kind of explanation I was hoping for in the first place. The way there all numbered like crazy confused me but this clears it all up TY very much
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