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Hi guys
Im running a asus sabertooth motherbord
AMD fx 8350
Radion r7 windforce
8gig ddr3 ram
Im using my pc mainly for pc gaming for a few hours at a time usually 1-5 hours
Im looking to upgrade my cpu cooler to something that can handle higher temperature as it has been reaching 50-60 quite fast
Thanks for your time
Ps i would prefer not to have to take my motherbored out to fit the cooler
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    If you are not overclocking, then 60C is OK. Make sure the case is well-ventilated. ANy cooler on the CPU will necessitate you work on the motherbaord - unless you have a backboard with a cut-out, that means you may have to remove the motherboard.

    Many people (most?) here recommend the $30 Evo Hyper 212 cooler. I prefer a low-end closed-loop liquid cooling. It's quieter and the radiator/fan vents the hot air out of the case.
  2. If you dont plan to overclock then the CM Hyper T4 works very well on stock clocked 8350, if you want to overclock then the CM hyper 212 evo is a good budget option also.
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