New Nvidia GTX 770 Seems like a downgrade

Well im going to be honest iv been trying to figure this out for a couple of weeks. I even bought a new psu and everything


Windows 7 64bit
Nvidia GTX 770
8GB Corsair vengeance 1600
Amd fx 6300
Asus m5a97 R 2.0 mobo
evga 600b 600w 80 plus bronze psu

So im really to my breaking point. I just bought this 770 to replace my xfx 260x and the fps blows compared to the 260x. I was getting constant 60+fps on skyrim with the 260x and my fps drops to 40 with the 770. And even dragon age 2 on the 770 drops to 40 fps. And my gpu idle temp is 35c and cpu is 30c idle max 50c in prime 95. My damn 6300 throttles for some damn unknown reason. goes from 3500 ish mhz to 3000ish MHz and back and forth. iv tried everything and I just don't know what to do. please someone walk me through something. really desperate..thank you.

yeah and im not even playing 1080 res. im playing on 1280x1024 resolution and this gpu should be sorry im just really frustrated at this point
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  1. Have you upgraded to the most current Nvidia graphics drivers and DirectX version? Is the fan spinning on the GTX770? If the fan has malfunctioned or is blocked somehow, the temperature of the GPU would climb dramatically, and as a result, the card BIOS would throttle back both the GPU and memory speeds to compensate for the high heat. Also, do you have the correct power supply (PCI-E power connectors) hooked up to your card? Did you check to make sure the power cables going to your power supply aren't loose? If none of those are the problem, you may have a defective GTX770.
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    Sounds like a driver issue.

    Did you do a complete clean uninstall of the AMD GPU drivers? You can use the AMD Driver Clean utility. Be sure to select a custom uninstall and remove the GPU drivers and CCC and the Audio drivers for the GPU HDMI connections.

    Then uninstall the nVidia drivers as well.

    Then do a clean install of the nVidia drivers.

    Might also be worth checking your temps in case you bumped the CPU cooler during install. Check CPU and GPU usage and temps while gaming.
  3. Yeah i checked the fan as soon as i installed and turned on the computer. fan spins. i checked cables at least 10 times cuz im OCD. I checked to make sure it was seated correctly in the x16 slot. I did a fresh windows install on a brand new hdd that i bought with the card. so theres no drivers on this hdd.
  4. and the drivers are the latest. I had on an anti static wrist band and didn't even touch the card really when i installed it. i used the bag to hold the card. temps are fine....
  5. max gpu temp while playing in skyrim reached 53c and cpu was 43c and the room im in is like 80 degrees

    gpu reached 70c in dragon age 2
  6. Might be time to RMA your card - better to do it sooner than later.

    Which retailer (brick & mortar -or- online) did you purchase the card through?
  7. Its the NVidia version only sold at best buy stores. and you think its a bad gpu. Skyrim caps a 75 fps and drops to 50 in some spots. it that about right? i update direct x
  8. still lost here
  9. You stated that your GTX770 was dramatically underperforming. Now you are saying it's fine? I'm a bit confused here. What exactly is the problem now? What resolution are you playing Skyrim and which settings do you have tuned on/off? If you check Google, here are plenty of benchmarks to compare against for expected performance.
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