Bios does not post when fx6100 given 1.4 volts

Hey there!

Just got a watercooler for my cpu and decided to give overclocking a shot.

Cpu -fx6100 3.3ghz
Cooling - corsair h105
Mobo - ms7641 v3
Psu - corsair vs550

I was able to overclock the cpu to 4.6ghz at 1.3875v. Core freq is at 225mhz with 20.5 multi. Cpu-nb is at 2475hz with 1.1500v.

When i up either thecore freq or multi by 1 step, im still able to boot windows but crashes with i run prime 95 with causes the cpu to use 1.38v (used msi control center). But when i try to increase the voltage to 1.4v, bios just fails to post.

Ideas on what is preventing me from reaching 1.4v?
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  1. Your board. Leave the CPU at stock clocks.
  2. Why? Will by motherboard get fried?
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