hey i need a pc case and Power supply for this build and 2 way sli GTX 780ti in the future

I need a power supply and a pc case for this build CPU-i7 4790k coming in two weeks 2 ways sli GTX 780ti in the future
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    A case is much more of a personal preference, it's essentially just a box that holds your stuff. Just buy whatever one has the features you need and the look you like.

    As for a power supply, you'd probably be looking at something in the 800-850 watt range.


    would do the trick just fine.

    If you aren't doing much overclocking you might b able to get away with a cheaper 750 instead, but I normally would rather buy slightly larger than not have enough power available at some point in the future.
  2. Cases are such a personal choice item that it is hard to recommend one; some people (like me) prefer plain, "professional-looking" cases, and others want the excitement of windows and bling; some want to reduce noise, others want maximum air flow.
    For overall quality, I like Antec and Rosewill. My own "best" case, is a Fractal Designs, but I don't think that one is a good choice for you. It is built for low noise (with foam insulation), but I think you'll need better cooling with a pair of high powered graphics cards.
    In my experience, Rosewill beats the stuffing out of Cooler Master for attention to detail and workmanship, while CM may have slightly better materials; their designs are often similar. Antec tends to beat both, but may lack some "extra" you want, like more ports, or number of fans, and they use their proprietary "twocool" fans that have their own H/L switches, rather than plugging into the mobo (or fan controller) for control.
    As to the PSU, you'll want 850W for the pair of cards. I use Seasonic-built PSUs most of the time, but a Corsair AX (Flextronics?) or Antec (Seasonic or Delta) would be good too.

    Edit: XFX PSUs are all built by Seasonic, so would be another good choice.
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