amd raid Windows 7 installation help me !!

hello , im trying to install Windows 7 on my raid array ( 2x 250GB drives) I am in raid mode on my bios and gave set it up but when I attempt to install Windows it asks for drivers , I put in the msi driver disc like my manual tells me to do but it won't read the disc , so I then put the drivers needed on a sub stick and it refused to see them up I unticked the hide drivers that are not compatible with hardware I this computer ,I try to install them from there because it gives me the option but I am left with a error message saying no new devices could be found. make sure the driver files are correct located on the driver installation media. I'm extremely confused please help

p.s would of new easier to install Windows 8 on my pc instead

msi a55-g41 pc mate
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    Download from top of the page, extract and put on flash drive. Worth a seems pretty straight forward, not sure why you are having a ploblem.
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