PCIe SSD, Crossfire 7950's, or a single High-end GPU?

Hello, I have an ASUS P8Z68V Pro motherboard with Crossfire/Sli capabilities, and I had a question.
I was initially going to crossfire 7950's, but then I came across a RevoDrive and was impressed with the I/O speeds/boot time. I was going to run all 3 (CF 7950's, PCIe SSD), but the bottom PCIe slot on my mobo is switched off, and if I turn it on, it will disable other things (Front panel USB, Other PCIe slots, etc.) So I was wondering, is the getting PCIe SSD worth going single GPU? And if so, what GPU?

(I think this is in the right category, but it might not be)
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    The SSD would be worth it, but it depends on what your budget would be for the GPU. If it's 300$ then a R9 280X. If it's 450$ then a GTX 780.
  2. $300. So I guess an R9 280? Thanks!
  3. In my opinion, as much as I hate crossfire from personal experience, the graphics card will have a much more noticeable impact than a PCI-E SSD. What I mean is, do buy an SSD, just not PCI-E. Those number are impressive, yes, but other than that you will be trying to come up with situations to justify the need for them, which most likely does not exist.

    It is quite easy to achieve 500+ mbps read/writes and near-zero access time comes with the package. 50k+ average 4k r/w is quite easy to find, too, and that is most likely a lot more than you need. Also, consider that a PCI-E SSD is a lot less friendly in case you want to carry it over to another system or even do some out of the ordinary OS installation. Even a raid array of sata SSDs should be faster and cheaper than a revodrive.
  4. True, since I'm going to be almost exclusively gaming/typing reports/making powerpoints, and not like rendering video or anything like that, you're probably right. Thanks!
  5. R9 280X ;)
    BTW never go XFire until it is fully developed in many years time. A single good GPU is much better, but obviously get a Titan Z in SLI if you can xD
    Welcome :D
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