Will My System Be Able To Max Out 2014 & 2015 Modern Games ?

System :
Core i5 4440 3.3 GHZ ( turbo )
GTX 760 Windforce 2GB
1 TB Segate SSHDD
1600 x 900 Moniter

Can I Max Out Games Like Witcher III , COD Advanced Warfare , Battlefield Hardline & AC Unity ? If I Can't ..... Can I Run Them on ULTRA/HIGH ? ( I DOn't Need more Than 40 FPS ) !
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    It should run most games at high settings currently, but you can't really predict much for next year because you never know how advanced games will be by then.. I would drop the ram to 8GB and switch to a normal HDD and with the left over money try to get a R9 280x. It has 3GB of Vram and runs games at ultra settings.
  2. The GTX 760 will run pretty much all games at ultra with 40+ fps at 1600x900, 2 gb is plenty of vram for that resolution as well, but as RazerZ said you really don't need more than 8 gb of ram.
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