how do I restore windows 8 from a usb key? I formatted my hard drive and now it will not load windows

I formatted my hard drive and wiped it clean. I made a restore key when I bouth the laptop last year like it recommended. but now it will not re-install windowes 8. I have tried repairing, refreshing, and reformatting...all it does is come back to a blue screen with choices of language and then keyboard setup. then asks if I want advanced, refresh or restore
refresh tells me hard drive is ;locked. restore tells me I need to select a windows O.S first. ...what to do?
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  1. what laptop is it
  2. its an Acer Aspire
  3. did it have a recovery partition, or have you make recovery DVD's
    need modal number,
  4. well, it had a few partitions...I kind of wiped them clean, ... trying to start with new hard only told me to make recovery media...and I used a USB key...16GB size. and it was all I was supposed to need to reset the computer. that is what I thought. it is Aspire E1-571-6471
  5. If all you made was a recovery USB and you formatted your hard drive then I'm sorry to say that you just lost everything. A recovery USB can't be used to re-install windows, its like a repair disk. There is still hope if you actually made an OEM factory recovery USB drive though. Got my info from here.
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