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Hello everyone, not sure where to ask this question but I guess I'll start here. I'm looking for a decent size laptop carrying case that also has some storage to put my tools in. This fall I'll be going to school and would like to get a case that's large enough to hold at least a 15 inch laptop and some other things such as: Small tool kit, power supply tester, multimeter, external hard drive, mouse, small screw driver set, and other tools as I accumulate them.

I'm not looking to spend a fortune on one but my budget will probably be around $100. I'm also looking for it to be as professional looking as possible. I would like to be able to keep everything in one bag so I wouldn't have to be carrying two separate bags around. If anyone here has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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  1. Best answer . This bag is about $30 and way within your budget and your laptop will fit snugly and have some breathing room. It also has the bulk necessary to carry around your stuff. I am not sure if it has the professional look you may be looking for.

    If buying a laptop bag I recommend buying from case logic . They make quality products
  2. I have used this BBP bag and have traveled over 2 Million miles with it over the last 6 years!

    still rock solid.

    hope this helps
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