Replacing HDD with SSD in Asus N550JV w/o CD or Activation Key - Windows 8

Hi, it is me (again) with something that I find particularly odd.
I bought an Asus N550JV-DB72T, it comes with a 1TB HDD (5400 RPM) in two partition.

-1: Windows (C: ) 340GB;
-2: Storage (D: ) 560GB.

I bought a -N550JV HDD Caddy- that will replace the CD-ROM-
- I will remove the HDD from the Laptop(notebook) and put it in the HDD Caddy.
-Next, I will take my SSD (Adata SX600 -256GB- ) and put it where the HDD was (for heat and secure)
(Maybe it is not a good idead? Should I leave the HDD where it is or it has no impact?)

-This is where I need professionals:
-I heard that the Activation is imbued within the BIOS of the machine.

-Someone told me to use ASUS AI RECOVERY and put it in a USB stick

-Using the USB stick with the recovery to install the OS on the New SSD.

-Is the old Windows going to be deleted from the HDD, renamed to Windows.old or stay as it is?

-What I'm wondering is how the Activation key can be on 2 hdd/ssd at the same time in the same laptop?

-Should I deactivate the old key (somehow) then use the USB stick and install the OS on the SSD?

I have so many questions on how this works...

P.S: I do not want to use a CD to install Windows, unless it is the only way.
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    Location of the hdd shouldn't be a problem. At least I have never had any problems with switching sata connectors.
    Windows Activation is not embedded in the Bios but stored on the hdd.\

    If you want a new installation you can use a usb boot creator like YUMI (

    If you want to relocate your current installation you can copy the hdd to the ssd if it is big enough. Use something like paragon partition manager.
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