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Are they universal or is there a factor that determines what CPU that they can be used for?
For example, I am looking to upgrade from my Intel Pentium G3220 to an Intel i5-4670, and have been told that the stock cooler with the new processor isn't that good, can I use my old one?
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  1. They are designed for the CPU socket. Yours are both LGA 1150, so it will work on the new one.
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    It depends on which sockets your cooler has. For example, most new after market CPU coolers contain brackets to mount to LGA 1150/1155/2011, AM3+, FM2+ sockets. It isn't based on which CPU you have, rather which socket your CPU/MOBO are. The intel i5-4670 is an LGA 1150 socket, so as long as you have the mounting bracket compatible with that socket, it will work with it.
  3. I suggest you buy another cooler however if you want to use the stock cooler use the new cooler instead of recycling the old cooler from your dual core cpu.

    The new cooler comes with new thermal paste and is probably as good or better than the one that came with your dual core.
  4. Sorry I did not specify enoguh, I have a after market cooler that I decided to splash out on, this will fit the new processor then? Due to the socket type?
  5. I suggest you use the After market cooler and both cpu's are haswell and use the same 1150 socket.

    You should be fine, all you need to do is clean your cooler and cpu and apply new thermal paste...
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