hey everybody .i am from india and im going to assemble a gaming desktop for around 35,000-36,000₹ INR .including monitor

I am going to assemble a pc these week ,and my budget is around 35000-36000₹INR ,including monitor ..can anyone here help me for this ...i am thinking to for i3 processor ,4gb ddr3 ram nd nvidia graphics card which can run almost all games at higher or medium settings at 720p or 1080p
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  1. careful selection is key to satisfaction with your budget. here is my recommendation.

    7,000 Intel I3 4130 LGA1150 CPU
    3,000 Corsair 1600 MHz 4GB RAM
    4,000 Asrock or Gigabyte H81 Mother board or a similar B85 board under 5k
    7,000 ATI Radeon Asus R7 250 1gb DDR5 or ATI Radeon Sapphire HD7750 2gb DDR3 Graphics card
    4,000 Seagate SATA 1Tb 7200rpm HDD
    2,000 Zebronics/iBall or other local/chinese slim cabinet with SMPS 450 W
    3,000 Keyboard & Mouse Local (600), 2.1 Creative Speakers (1400), DVD Drive (1000)
    6,000 Acer/Asus/BenQ/Dqll 18.5 inch LED Wide Monitor
    --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- ---------
    36,000 half life's value build
    --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- ---------

    1. Not included is the cost of software such as operating system, anti viurs, etc
    2. Consider a UPS, costs about 1,500 but is very useful
    3. Consider a computer desk and chair, they only cost a coupel of thousands
  2. Thanks for your reply ..i appreciate your answer but i am thinking to go for a nvidia gpu as it gives clarity more than amd
  3. Nvidia gpu's are much more costly. And I will suggest the A10-7850k for your low budget.
  4. Ok ..if i increase my budget to little 4-5k
  5. However at lower budgets i would suggest AMD builds because a good intel gaming cpu is around 500$.
  6. so what i give you is a suggestion only, what you will buy in the end is completely up to you.

    and as for the choice between amd and nvidia, either of them are good and buy what you like. the important thing to keep in mind is that gpu selection directly impacts power (wattage) and thermals (temps.) and so plan accordingly.
  7. Ok I appreciate your words but if I plan to buy a good NVIDIA card then what amount I have to spend (in gpu only)
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    There is this card GTX 750 Ti that can work for you. But this probably adds 4k to your current budget of 7k for a total of 11k.

    If this sounds too expensive, you can always fall back on 650 ti boost.
  9. Okay ..thanks for ur great help to me ..u suggested me a good rig within budget .thanxx alot
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