How does the Radeon 7850 Hold Up Today? (R7850 vs. R9-270)

So, I'm building my first gaming rig. I'm not looking for ultra performance and 14535342+ FPS on Battlefield 4, but just more of a budget system. So, I've been considering two graphics cards:
The R9 270 2gb: $120.00
The Radeon 7850 $89.00

I'll be playing games like Battlefield 4, ARMA II&III, Garry's Mod, CS:GO, and GTA V for PC when it comes out. Which card should I get? I really want the 7850 because of it's price point but the R9 270 is very fast and powerful.
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    Get a 270 if you have the money.

    I'd go for the R9 270 but it all depends on your preference on price/performance
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