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I have a ASUS SABERTOOTH 990 FX R 2.0. I am trying to do a update On the bios from Version 1302 to Version 1702 when I click on up date REMOTE GO screen appears and in the select drive box Their is not a list of drives in the drop down box. I have 4 drives I Samsung 940 Pro 256 GB SSD for the operating System. And 3 - 3 TB Seagate Barracuda HDD for Video. Can anybody help with this
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  1. I used the flash drive method on my tooth.
  2. You have to use a drive formatted as FAT32.
  3. There are four ways to update the BIOS:
    1) Asus Updater
    2) EZ Flash 2
    3) Asus BIOS Updater
    4) USB BIOS Flashback

    I would not do any BIOS Flashing from a Windows environment. Remote GO is not for BIOS flashing so I'm not sure how you got there. I also don't see Version 1702 in BIOS downloads. There is 1302, 1503, 1708, 1903, 2005, 2103, 2104, 2301, and 2501.

    I would use EZ Flash 2.
    You can launch EZ Flash 2 from the Advanced Mode BIOS Tool Menu.
    Unzip the downloaded BIOS file to the Fat 32 formatted USB Flash Drive.
    Restart the PC with the flash drive connected and enter the BIOS. Go to the EZ Flash 2 Tool and open it.
    Press the Tab key to go thru the drives till you get the Flash Drive.
    Press the Up or Down ARROW keys till you get to the unzipped BIOS file.
    Press Enter.

    After Flashing the BIOS Load Optimized Defaults from the BIOS Exit Menu plus any custom settings you may have.
    It is a good idea to write down your settings before flashing.
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    Most reliable EZ Flash 2.

    EZ Flash 2 is a built-in function of BIOS. It is the safest way to update BIOS, because one is not dependent on the operating system, any application, internet connection, firewall settings, antivirus or anything else that can put the vital BIOS update at risk.

    Guide ^
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