how do i format my laptops hard drive so i can do fresh install ov windows xp.

I tryed to install xp on my laptop but it wouldnt install 5 xml files on it now cums up fatal error one of the components windows needs missing also installation failed e:\1386\asms i need to format my hd so i can do fresh do i do that plz? I bourght laptop off sum1 it had no discs with it and now worried i carnt use it.i dont know how to get on the page where i can delete anything.plz help? :-(
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    Clean/clear. Note you might not need to go into the bios as some boards have F12 or some other key upon boot that allows you to CHOOSE which drive boots first on the fly. You just pick CDrom/dvd and if you have the disc in you get a prompt for a few seconds asking if you want to boot from cd, hit any key. Do that and the boot of xp cd starts.
    If you can't boot from CD skip to 3mins or so as the first part is how to get it to boot from cd first via changing the boot order in the bios (which is different per board really, he's using a dell). It's a kid but he does a pretty good job of explaining some stuff. I could probably find more (there are TONS of these vids) I just did a quick check and took a look inside.

    IF you don't like those, just google "how to install xp clean" or some such and choose videos at the top on google and you'll see tons. Select HD quality and you'd get the best looking ones most likely.

    Edit adding a better one that whacks partitions.
    Better link, first guy above doesn't go into whacking the old partition, it's as if he's on a clean new drive. You need to DELETE the old one during the install (pre-install so to speak, but IN the install process after booting xp disc). At 4:25 sec or so you get what I'm talking about. The guy shows you have an old partition and how to whack it. You hit ESC when asked to install or repair windows so you can choose another partition which in your case really means we just want to WHACK whatever is there so we can THEN do a new partition install. The kid in the 2nd link goes through it too but this guys is better I think but both do a good job.
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