Future upgrade suggestions to new rig...

Here is my current setup:

-Asus Z87-PRO
-GEFORCE GTX 760 2Gb OC with atx cooler
-Hyper 212 cooler for cpu
-Intel i5 4670k cpu
-Corsair c70 Vengeance arctic white case with multiple fans (gpu runs @ around 60 degrees max and cpu at mid 50s based on hwinfo64)
-Corsair rm750W psu
-windows 7 64bit

Currently I running games such as arma 3 and planetside 2, War Thunder and such on optimized settings based on invidia's geforce experience app. I am looking to start getting games that demand more, such as watch dogs and defiance when it comes out. Will this setup be able to run these sorts of games well and could this setup be able to run the other games at a higher level? Any suggestions for possible upgrades in the future (like next 3-6 months and beyond)?

Thanks to the tom's hardware community; you all have been a lifesaver!
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    Your parts are totally fine, the only thing to even consider upgrading would be your GPU and no point in doing that untill the new generation of GPUs is released IMO. Or you could sell your gtx 760 to fund your minor upgrade to a gtx 770 or a larger but expensive upgrade to the 780. you could also buy a second gtx 760 and SLI them if you wanted to, your 750w psu should be able to handle that.

    I would wait untill the new cards come out (next 6 months if we are lucky) and grab a gtx 870 (if they call it that). You could still sell off your gtx 760 then.
  2. Your cpu is as good as it gets for gaming.

    The GTX760 is not bad either, but that is likely where your next upgrade will be.
    I suggest you try out the new games first, then decide. Apparently the requirements for watch dogs were overstated by the developers.
  3. Also, any suggestions as how to configure this rig to optimize 1960x1080p resolution and graphics setup while supporting maximum fps?
  4. Keep your drivers up to date, keep background applications to a minimum, and adjust graphics settings depending on the game you are playing. Also, you can overclock your GPU some to get some extra juice out of it.
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