How do I get this RAM running correctly?

I have this system:

And im pretty sure my RAM is not running at top speed. I am also interested in overclocking it as well, if I can get it to run at 1600.
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    Check in CPU-Z 9free app off the internet), check in the Memory tab, if at 1600 it will indicate about 800 in the Frequency pane (thhis is DDR (DOUBLE data rate)....and overclocking it prob wouldn't really be worth trying, this is a fairly weak stick already being 1600 with an 11 CL, entry level for 1600 sticks has a 9 CL, with the higher performance being at CL8 or 7....You might be able to run them at 1866 but wiould prob take a CL12 and good voltage increase....Best bet would be to raise the DRAM voltage to 1.575 and try and get it to run at 1600 with a tighter 10 or 9 CL
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