Pc random crash after cpu cooler change

Recently I bought new cpu cooler (cm tx3 evo) and I install it without problems with Arctic mx4 thermal compound and 1 additional fan on heatsink. Pc boots properly and Temps don't go over 54C under 100% load (tested in prime for 30mins + some games with core temp/hw monitor on)
The problem happened 3 times for now and it is like pc is still running (hardware on) but Windows and other things went off. It does not restart or go completely off it just stays like that ever since cooler change.
Twice it happen while playing league of legends, and 3rd few min after I turned lol off.

System specs are:
Intel core2duo e6600 at 2.8Ghz (1st crashed at stock speed so oc has nothing to do with it)
Motherboard Abit IN9 32Max (at its 1st bios version, since Abit has stopped existing)
4x1GB DDR2 (some Geil memory with orange casing, can find out exact model if needed, running in 1:1 with FSB)
PSU 620W Chiftec (can find model as well)
GPU AMD HD 6750 1GB GDDR5 128bit
OS Windows 7 64bit Ultimate

If anything else needed I can post it...

I could try reinstall cooler (I might mess thermal compound not sure)
Or could it be that psu doesn't have enough power? Since I have 1 additional fan on heatsink (with that one I got 2 more for air circuit in case, that worked fine before)

If anyone has idea that could help me find why is my pc doing this I would be thankful.
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    The problem is due to overheating thats why the computer shuts off..
    try cleaning up the fan first..
    then try installing some extra fans to see if the temperature is dropping or can just use your table fan to blow air in..
    if that also doesnt work...then the thermal compound isnt properly applied so the cooler isnt performing like it should be doing..
    if the thermal compound isnt properly placed on the processor then the processor will heat open your cooler clean the thermal compound and apply fresh thermal compound..
    use this topic
  2. As I wrote temps are fine, I installed new clean cooler (and old ones are cleaned)
    and I do have extra fans in case (cleaned yea),

    Day after I post message I reinstalled cpu cooler (by removing motherboard from case and then installing cooler to see if all push-pins get in place, with different method of putting thermal compound)
    and since then I had no problems.

    But thanks anyway.. :)
  3. wow thats great news then...glad it worked out....
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