Which z97 motherboard should I buy?

I'm building a purely gaming pc that will be paired with an i5 4690k. I do plan to overclock the processor somewhere in the neighborhood of 4.5ghz as well as the ram and my gtx770 windforce.

In the future, I do also plan to sli another gtx770.

So in terms of durability and features which board comes out on top. Software quality and user-friendliness is also an important must for me as I'll spending a lot of time using the utilities.

Which has the best software bundled? Which would YOU buy?

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  1. I built on the Asus Z97 as I had found the Asus VI Z87 Hero to be the best of the Z87 mobos (and it turned out to be the best selling and best rated) and have to say the Z97 is even better, OCs better (and w/ less voltage), runs cooler, handles DRAM better, BIOS is improved...Think it's going to be the Z97 mobo again, much as it was the Z87...(Have my Z87 Hero in sig)
  2. pick asus one.
    I studied gigabyte z97 & z87 boards before. the old one is more worthy..sad
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    Because you plan to overclock get the Asus it has a 12 phase digi power design while the gigabyte only has 8 phases even though it carries the oc name which is a disappointment, the more phases you have basically the stronger the board and a more stable overclock you will get also because it has more phases it will be more reliable resulting in a longer life span ALSO with the asus you get the option to drop in a sound card,a capture card, a network card or a raid card in the future if you plan to do so as the gigabyte board will have no space for any of that with 2 cards installed and its audio isnt sufficient enough for anyone unless they were doing an overclocking event and even then i would still choose the Asus, also the Asus looks nice with in what i would think a better bios for overclocking, pick the solution if you feel your question has been answered, if you need anymore help im around quite often so ask away, good luck :)
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