Problem with Palit GT630 (Kepler Core) w/ Physical PCIe X8 and Intel DG31PR PCIE X16

Good day to all.

I was wondering maybe somebody could help me out with my current config.

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7400
MB: Intel DG31PR
RAM: 2GB DDR2-800
PSU: no name 600w PSU
OS: Win 7 Home Premium x64

I bought this video card recently:

with P/N: NEAT6300HD46-2080F

Upon the first time receiving the video card, I saw that it had a physical PCIE x8 but did not have any doubts at that time.

I plugged the new card in, booted up my PC, uninstalled the previous video driver, rebooted, installed the latest driver from nvidia and the problem starts.

On the next reboot, the PC will complete the 'Starting Windows' screen and after that the monitor gives me a prompt that it will go to power save mode.

Now I am curious, is this a compatibility issue? or
the card is deffective? or
my motherboard's PCIE slot is deffective? (but my previous card 8500GT PCIE x16 runs fine)
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    maybe your no name 600w PSU is your problem because i had a ''noname'' PSU 400w which was only 150w the others 250w were sleeping,dead,gone call it whatever you want but im not sure you might wanna go to a local pc shop :)
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