Best mid tower case for ~$80

Hey guys. I'm currently upgrading my PC, and I'm looking for an ATX mid tower case. Currently I have a Cooler Master Centurion 534, which is now really outdated.

What's coming into the new case is basically the following;

CPU: AMD FX-8320
Motherboard: Asus M5A97 R2.0 / Asus M5A99X EVO R2.0 / Asus M5A99FX Pro R2.0 (Haven't decided yet, advice on this is also welcome)
GPU: HD6850 (will later be upgraded to an R9 card)
Number of hard drives: 3 (No SSD for now, but I want to keep it as a possibility for the future)
Power supply: Cooler Master Silent Pro M500 (will be upgraded later along with the GPU)
Memory: 4x2GB (will later be upgraded to 16GB)

These are my wishes for the mid tower case, and some additional information that might be relevant;
- Price would preferably be $80 max, but I can extend it to around $125 if it really really really has great benefits.
- It needs to have dust filters on all air inlets
- I do not want any doors on the front
- Sound is not an issue, so a silent case is not necessary
- It needs to have a minimum of two 5.25" drive bays on the front, preferably three.
- I prefer simplistic and slick designs. As a reference, I really like the Cooler Master CM 690 II or Bitfenix Ronin design, but the Cooler Master HAF 912 or Bitfenix Colossus are really ugly. The carbide series (2/3/400R) are acceptable.
- I want at least one USB 3.0 on the front to be future proof.
- I will be overclocking both the GPU and CPU
- I will not use water cooling
- The case will be placed on the floor (not inside a cabinet or something), so buttons on top will not be a problem.
- If possible, I prefer a case that has great airflow out of the box without having to add additional fans myself for now (cost reasons)
- Color needs to be within the 'normal' range, which means white, grey, black and so on. No red, yellow, green etc.
- I do not care for a window on the side.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Here would be mu choices or but the latter one does have a window but is a very slick case
  2. ^^ this or a corsair spec 03 (my new budget favorite)
  3. Corsair Carbide 300r :). Great airflow (couple fans included, you can always upgrade), no windows (you can buy an upgrade with windows though), quality components, solid case. It has USB 3.0 at the front, not sure about the drive bays though!

    PS: A couple of my friends are using the Carbide series as well (most of them the 500r) and are VERY happy with the design/ cooling/ quality etc.
  4. ^^ I think there is a model that comes with the window, but it has fan mounts which ruins the window for me.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Just for clarity, I don't care for a window but I don't mind if it's there.
    As for the Define R4 and the NXTZ phantom 410, I really despise that they have a front door, although they seem to be really nice cases.

    The Corsair Spec 03 is interesting. I don't really like its look. The 300R looks much better. I'd have to look and see.

    I think the 500R is great, but I really dislike the fact that the intake fan on the side doesn't have a dust filter. I want to keep my case as dust free as possible with as little cleaning as possible. I'm lazy like that lol.
  6. you can just add a filter to the 500r or remove the side fan.
  7. I am probably going to buy the zalman z11 plus or the bitfenix shadow to me they look like the best cases for their price. They also have a nice design especially when you like leds like me.
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    Even though the Fractal Design Define R4 has a door in front, you almost never have to open it, unless you need to clean it. The ONLY operable things inside that door is the optical drive (which is pretty useless nowadays) and a fan speed controller. That is it. You will almost never have to open it.

    So my vote goes to it as well.
  9. I guess the Define R4 will have to do then. Thanks for your opinions.
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