PSU 11.38V on 12V Rail causing freezes?

Hi i recently built a new pc and now every time i try to play a game or run furmark my pc would freeze or operating system would close it self after 5-10min. I checked the tempertures and they are all fine so i used GPUZ to check my voltage. i discovered my voltage for the 12v rail is only 11.5 during idle and 11.38 when under load. Is this too low and causing the problems while gaming?

Intel i7 4790 with stock cooler
sapphire tri x radeon r9 290
Gigabyte H97 D3H
2x 4gb g skill rip jaws
600W Zalman GV series PSU

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    The general acceptability limit of +- 5% of the reported voltage is the norm. I think that is probably too wide. But the 11.38V is even outside of the 5% limit. The 5% limits of the 12V rail is 11.4 to 12.6 V. Yes, it is too low.
  2. Thank ill go return the PSU and hopefully grab a seasonic with a higher wattage as well ^.^
  3. The ATX spec. is +/- 10%. So 10.8v on the 12v rail would be the lowest and still be considered in spec. However most quality PSU will be at +/-1% or less. You seem to be at about minus 4%-5%. Seems low to me. CPUID has a hardware monitor software download that will also give you the 3.3 and 5 volt readings. Check those also.
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