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I recently build a computer in order to game a little more, and do some occasional Photoshop work. I am trying to get the machine to connect to my wireless modem/router. I bought a Rosewell PCIe wireless card and installed the drivers from the driver disk. Windows recognizes the card as a wireless network adapter, and when I try to initialize the device, it says there is an error with the driver. I used windows to search for an updated driver, but it says that it is up to date. Then I bought a Linksys N600 USB adapter and it doesn't work either. I'd like to use the PCI card because it has a 450mb/s vs the 300mb/s of the usb.

Mobo: ASRock FM2A88X
CPU: AMD 760k (overclocked to 4.2GHz)
PCI Adapter: Rosewill N900 PCIe Dual Band Wireless Adapter (
USB Adapter: Linksys N600 (aka AE2500)
ISP: Charter Communications
Connection type: DSL
Router/ modem : Netgear CG3000D (I cannot log into it, charter has it locked)
# of wireless devices: 3 (My tablet, printer, and laptop)

*Note, I carried my rig to my brothers house and couldn't connect to his wifi either.

*Update 6/28 I contacted Rosewill and they couldn't come up with a solution other than re-install the driver. I did, but it didn't help. What could cause 2 different adapters from 2 different companies not to work?
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  1. *Bumpdate

    Force installed a Qualcomm driver set that Rosewill said to use as an alternative, it did nothing. In Devmanager, it says that it is enabled, but windows says the driver may be bad and it isn't receiving any packets even though I'm 5 feet from the router.
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