Need advice on upgrading graphics card

I have had HD 6670 for a few years now and looking for an upgrade. I'm on a budget of about $100-130. I bought an asus HD 7770 but I would also need to upgrade my psu because there's no connector to power the card. Any ideas on a better card that will not need to be connected to my psu? I'm not sure how big my psu is but it ran the 6670 just fine.
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  1. thanks for the quick response, do you have any other recommendations? I hate mail-in rebates =(
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    Well this one is not as powerful, but it should do the job:
  3. Thanks Eduello! and neither of these will require being plugged into the psu right?
  4. Nope, according to their specs they should actually consume less power than your current GPU.
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