Can I use an amd3 cooler on an am3+ cpu?

Hi there guys.
I have bought an AMD 4130 processor and a SilenX Effizio EFZ-80HA3 Tower cooler. On the internet site where I bought it, it says it is also for the am3+ socket, but on the cooler site, it says it is only for am3. I received all today, and noticed this, since, when I put the cooler on the cpu, I can see that not all the cpu is covered by the bottom of the cooler. 1 mm on two sides is still viewable. Now I wonder: Do I have to get another cooler, specifically for am3+, or can I still use this, if I see that the whole of the cpu has termal paste on it? Or will this end up being detrimental (which I highly expect to be) to the cpu?
Thank you guys.
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    They use the same fastening mechanism so it is compatible as well with AM3+ without an issue. That 1mm would be visible with an AM3 CPU as well since they use the same heat spreader and are the same physical size.
  2. Oh! Thank you! :D I didn't know both processors were the same size. Ok, I will use it then. Guess I still have to make sure that the remaining 1mm has to be covered in paste, right?
  3. Not really most of the heat transfer is through the middle of the CPU heat spreader so if the bottom of the cooler is covered you are fine.
  4. yeah, thank you ^^
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