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I am upgrading my computer, so i decided to use the processor from the computer I'm upgrading and put it into an older PC. I was also going to swap the motherboard, but after removing both of them they were not compatible, but the processors are.

I replaced the motherboards, and swapped the CPU's and found that the computer fans turn on, the light on the mb is on, and the heat sink fan runs full blast. I get no signal on the monitor.

I removed the video card and tried the on board graphics, didnt work.

I removed the battery to reset the bios, didnt work.

I used a different psu, didnt work.

So i decided to put them both back the way they were when I started, as both were working. They both act exactly the same. One is a dell, and the power light is amber. I tested the cpu's to make sure i didnt damage them in a third PC, they work.

Pins on the motherboard are straight, none bent.

Seems like i am just missing something simple any ideas?
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  1. Yes, thank you for the link.

    I read it all and am confident it is all verified. Like i said I put everything back the way it was initially before i had taken anything apart. I have ruled out the video card, ram, psu, and cpu as the problem by testing on a third working machine. I feel I must have somehow damaged both motherboards, somehow...
  2. Take out the components and try to power the components on a non conductive/ static free surface with only one stick of ram. also leave the motherboard unplugged for a while before powering it on. Maybe the processor and mother board aren't compatible ( i know you said they are)
    please state the exact MOTHERBOARD and processor you are using.
  3. Its an LGA 775 Motherboard and was going to swap the pentium dual core 2.8ghz, with a pentium dual core 3.4 ghz.

    After i tried swapping the processor, I put the old processor back in, and it wont boot.

    I took both processors out and tried them in a third machine, and both worked fine.

    I may not have left the battery out long enough when i tried a bios reset, but i shouldnt have needed to reset it since i only swapped processors.
  4. try my original suggestion. Take everything out of the motherboard and try using a test bench. This has been the solution for me before. It eliminates the possibility of the case not grounding the motherboard correctly.
  5. Ok I didnt try powering things up without them in the case so i will give that a go, thanks
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    1 stick of ram. only no extra things connected just what you need. if the motherboard has on board video use that not your video card. i guess if that docent work try different stick of ram. And if it still docent work you might need a new motherboard
  7. It should at least do something if I plug the psu into the mobo, and use the on-board graphics. the bios should at least fire up right?
  8. some motherboards need a processor and a ram in order to do something. make sure you do have those two things
  9. i have ruled out everything other than the mobo it could be... unfortunately I dont know how I ruined them I was careful. Thanks for the help
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