Windows7 disk management cannot detect old IDE HDD connetcted via usb cable

I recently purchased USB2.0 to SATA/IDE cable to retrive data from a bunch of my very old IDE HDDs.. some of which are 15 years old. (let's say for nostalgia/curiousity's sake)

I connected it according to the instructions I found on the web, and every single one of them failed to show up on disk management, or BIOS for that matter.

I tried connecting it to other USB ports, and tried to change the jumper settings(I read that you have to set in on Master) and even removed both pins to no avail, and of course Disk Management cannot detect it. Is it safe to say they're all dead? They HAVE beeen sitting in my closet for a long time.. All of them do spin and make alright sounds, but I read that doesn't mean that it's not dead(lol).

+ I tried out my WORKING HDD to it and still failed to detect. There must be something I'm doing wrong.. that or the IDE-usb connector is defective.
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  1. I would vote for a defective IDE to USB cable. Try to replace this first.
  2. You did not mention what kind of IDE-USB cable you are using, but these hard drives need power as well. Most USB-IDE/SATA adapters provide power bricks with Molex adapter for hard drive, and your 15-year old hard drive might require too much power.
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