Dual Boot x79 system Turns on, bios beep, to black screen. Power off, Starts up fine. Almost every time

I generally leave my computer on at all times. Occasionally however, I need to restart or I turn it off. When I turn on the computer (press the power button), My computer POSTS and my bios beeps. After that, a DOS underscore curser is suppose to blink for a second then I the system should go to the Boot Menu. However, every time, the curser dosnt appear, rather my gpu/system fans spin and I am left with a black screen. I then turn off the power (via power button on pc case) and the computer will work fine. No errors, no issues. It goes right into the boot menu (where I can select either my SSD or Mech HD).

Now this happens whether the PSU is hot or cold. I have replaced my PSU before, the one I have is very high end. I cannot recall, but I believe I had fixed my MBR before, if someone is sure this is the issue, I will do it again.

Hardware includes:
i7 3820
x79 sabertooth
16 gb quad channel
2x gtx 660ti
1 SSD with windows 7
1 HD 1 TB with windows 7
1 HD used as storage (may have some failed sectors)
OCZ 1200 Watt PSU
6 120volt case fans

I need an expert opinion please.
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  1. Wait why do you have 2 windows 7, one on SSD and one on HDD? This is a weird issue I gotta do some research on this
  2. I use one for my design work and one for gaming
  3. Sorry I should have added that to my description. I have kept up with the asus bios releases. This issue happens on all BIOS'. I am currently flashed to the most recent as per the OMF website. Thanks for the suggestion though
  4. bump
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