Only a portion of dropped hard drive Showing up in Disk Management, not explorer

I dropped my hard drive unfortunately and it won't show up on Explorer. It does show up on Disk Management and Device Manager though but only a part of it.... My Seagate hard drive is 4 TB and on Disk Management is says 3.86 Unallocated.

I have tried at least 8 partition and data recovery software and none can find the terabyte of data that was on it. I even plugged it in internally but it won't read at all.

So I was wondering if there was a way to find the missing 99% of my hard drive and recover it or is it a hardware issue that I have to spend money for?
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  1. I have also read almost every thread on here but none seem to mention that only a part of the hard drive is showing up. And I never partitioned the drive before.
  2. 3.86TB unallocated? That's due to the difference between binary (2^40) and decimal (10^12) terabytes.

    Screenshots are helpful. I haven't seen anything like this and can't imagine what it would look like, so it's possible that there's either some misinterpretation or confusing displays.
  3. Here is the screencap of what I am seeing. (sorry not sure how to hyperlink on this site)
  4. It hyperlinked automatically lol nevermind
  5. Sorry I didnt specify that it was 3.86 GB.
  6. Um. Yeah. Not sure what's happened there.

    Wait for someone else to chime in; I need to go to bed...
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