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I have a realtek on board ethernet on my asus M5A 78L M-LX board. Some day i lost my LAN connection and the LAN light started blinking. Later on that day it went OFF. i connected the modem and cable on a laptop and it worked perfect. I have gone thru almost every forum on the internet, tried reinstalling, clearing registries, checking BIOS, taking out the RAM, and so many things to wake it up if ever it was on deep sleep mode.
Later the network adapter was shown in the device manager, but it never got connected. And after that LAN light is now keeping steady, but this time the network adapter failed to show up in the device manager. I could connect via WiFi but not via LAN. This going over my head, somebody please help.
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  1. Open a command prompt (you can type cmd in search text box) and then type ping

    The problem might just be that the lan chip on your mobo is bad.
  2. pinged
    sent=4 received=4 loss=0%
    i dnt knw what this means
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    Do you have wireless or anyother form of network connection to that pc?
    If you do then you need to dissable it before doing the ping, sorry I forgot to mention it.

    The address is your local host address (home address) so when you ping it it tests communication with its network adapter, so itself. This means that the chip itself is not completly broken.

    If you had no loss with all other adapters dissabled then the only other thing I could suggest to try is to reinstall windows or get a addon ethernet card.
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