First pci-e slot not functioning

I very recently recieved a Gigabyte DS3H Z77 mtoherboard but i had to DOA it because the first pci-e slot was not functioning.

I then ordered the same board from a different retailer but that seems to change nothing, the first pci-e slot does not work but the second one does?
Help appreciated =D

Corsair GS 600W PSU
Core I5 2500K
Zalman Z9 Mid Tower Case
AMD Radeon HD 6870 1GB
Windows 7 64Bit
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  1. Try to update the BIOS, if you did try it, and nothing you can do. Before you get the other model MB, just make sure the GPU (HD 6870) works.
  2. It works fine in the second slot (the one the furthest away from the CPU), but not in the first one, that's the problem
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    I know the 1st one does not work, and you got the same MB from other retail, that means that model may have the compatible problem, and nothing you can do if you do update the BIOS.
  4. The second PCI-E slot is powered by the chipset (at x4 2.0 speeds), while the first x16 slot runs directly to the CPU, which might help explain why your graphics card functions in the bottom x16 slot but not the first; there's an issue with the PCI-E lanes coming from the CPU.

    As cin19 said, if you haven't already, update the BIOS to the latest (the latest is a beta that mentions "Improve PCI Express x16 slot compatibility" as one of the changes. As an additional long shot, check in the BIOS for settings relating to the PCI-E generation setting. It'll likely have options like "auto" and "gen 3.0"; if there's a way to set it to generation 2.0 speeds, try that and see if it helps (I've seen a case before where this fixed an issue like this with the PCI-E slots).
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