Installing mobo before cpu

I have all of the parts I need except for the cpu (which will be here Monday) and I was trying to figure out if it's okay to put my motherboard in first. I'm going to use the h100i so I'd probably install that after I put my motherboard in first anyways.
The only thing I'm concerned about is pulling the lever down on the cpu, I've seen that you have to use a good bit of pressure and I didn't want to damage the mobo. (if you can't tell, this is my first build)
Thanks for any help!

*edit* this is my build if it matters
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  1. you can assemble the whole thing now if you want... then just drop the CPU in and install the h100i.

    although this depdns a bit on your case.... you'll need access to the back of your motherboard most likely for the h100i backplate/install.

    if your case has a cutout for the back of the CPU socket, then you'll be fine.

    it doesnt take 'THAT" much force... just a firm thumb
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