HELP..asus R9 270x no display

I am having "compatability" issues with my new hardware. I have recently purchased an asus r9 270x 4g and a corsair cs550m. I am upgrading from my stock radeon 7450 in my hp h8 1234. I have tested the graphics card in another machine and it works fine. The psu should be sufficient but is it compatable?
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    I have seen at least three threads here lately about HP desktops not supporting certain, high end video cards. I would search your model HP and that card and make sure at least someone has been able to make it work. The mere fact there is a pcie 16x slot does not guarantee a card will work on the limited BIOS/Motherboards of branded PCs.

    In some cases a BIOS upgrade solved the problem though, try that for sure!
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