How to create Win 7 boot disk with external drive support

I am able to create a system image of my Win 7 x64 drive. But if I had to restore the system image, I would need a Win 7 bootable CD with external drive support, as my drive system image is on an external drive.
Windows backup does make a System Repair CD but that is for repair of Win 7; or can it be used for the System Image restore operation?
If not, how would I make a bootable Win 7 CD with external drive support?
Thanks in advance to the system experts.
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  1. What did you use to make the image? Most imaging programs provide a boot disk to run the restore from.
  2. I did not create a boot disk. I just followed the prompts in Win Backup to create a Repair CD.
    I want to create a Win 7 boot disk that supports an external HD so that I can restore the System Images I make.
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    If you create a system image using the built-in Windows 7 utility, you can use the restore disk to get to the image files on the disk. Instructions are here

    When you select Repair Your Computer you can select an image you created.
  4. Thank you for the link. However, I already have Windows Repair CD. The issue is that that process requires access to the external HD where the system image is stored. And that requires drivers to access the external HD. But the drivers are not on the Windows Repair disk so there is no access to the external HD.
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