What headset should i buy? For PC!

I am looking for a new headset (with mic so not headphones), because my Siberia Elite broke down after 2 months! :-/
Wireless headphones are just a plus because i use a laptop when I am gaming! I am a pretty high budget and I need something comfy after i have used the Elites who are SUPER COMFY.
What about A40 or A50?

Note: I live in Norway and I don't want to ship them from US or UK or whatever!

Thanks for replies!
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    If, and only if you are not on budget, go for A40 or A50. However I have heard that 2013 version has some technical issues compared to the previous models.

    If you have a big head, and don't move your head fast when gaming, Audio-Technica has two gaming headset that would be amazing. This is also pricey.

    If you are gentle on your headsets(doesn't rage throw or throw them onto your chair or bed), then Sennheiser may be a good choice as well. They may feel a little "cheaper", but only feel as they are actually amazing.

    Turtle Beach are also there for you. They may have bad reputation, but mine has lasted +4 ~ 5 years.
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