Will a Noctua D-14 fit into a CiT Vantage case?

Hi all,

I've got a CiT vantage case (Dimensions 185 x 410 x 460 (WxHxD mm)). I'm interested in buying the Noctua D-14, which I've heard is a fairly sizeable cooler. Does anyone know if this will fit into my case, or is it worth reconsidering?

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    According to this guy's build , won't fit.

    I actually started by buying a CIT Vantage for about £30 which was worth just about the money I paid for it. I built the whole computer around it before sending it back for numerous reasons: low quality, quite small (the long Gigabyte just about got in), the Noctua D-14 did not fit in , no cable management. In the end it just didn’t live up to my expectations of a gaming case.
  2. Thanks for your quick answer! I've decided I'll buy a HAF 912 and the Noctua, which I think will fit. I'm not particularly happy with the Vantage case as it feels quite cheap and is very small.
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