Is This A Good Gaming PC Build?

AMD Athlon X4 750K/760K Or Intel iCore i5 4670K(Not Sure Which One)
2Gb Gigabyte Radeon R9 270x
8Gb Corsair Vengeance DDR3 Ram
1TB Western Digital Caviar Black
750W Corsair CX750 Power Supply
HAF 912 Mid Tower?
If So Can You Recommend Any Changes?
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  1. the i5 is better, but also costs much more... and the motherboard would be more expensive as well.

    the power supply is more than you need either way, but leaves room for future upgrades... you'd be fine with a 500/550 tho
  2. if you can afford a i5 4670k with a Z97 motherboard, take that option. COnsider the new i5 4690k as well.
    A quailty 550W power supply will be fine for a single R9 270X build. Stick to brands like: Antec, Corsair(AX or HX series), Seasonic or XFX.
  3. So You're Saying I Need A Better Motherboard? P.S I'm A N00b And I'm New To This
  4. Best answer
    The intel i5 uses a different socket form the Athlon X4 750k. Intel uses socke 1150 and to overclock you need a Z97 motherboard.
  5. And Is My Ram Enough Or Should I Get 16Gb?
  6. For gaming 8Gb is enough. FOr the cpu and motherboard I would drop the FM2 motherboard and CPU as there isn'y much if any upgrade path. If you are really on a budget go for an FX 6300 and a AM3+ board with a 970 chipset(avoid the 960g chipset and any 970 that lacks VRM cooling). This will atleast give you an upgrade path to an 8300 series CPU later. For the PSU drop the CX750 it bigger that you need and the CX series capacitors have longevity issues(they fail earlier than they should). A 550w XFX would be more than enough for a few future upgrades(except crossfire) and is a good quality unit.
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