CPU clock speed lower than it should be

Hi everyone,

i have an old desktop having an amd 5200+ processor.

About a month ago i installed windows 8.1. Everything is fine except low performance and i see 100% very easily at task manager. Yesterday when i check my system with CPU-Z software, i realized that my cpu is working at ~1.0 gHz, but as far as i know my processor is 2.6 gHz.

Is my processor really working more than 2 times lower in performance? what could be the possible reason and how could i fix it?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. Yes your CPU seems to be rated at 1GHz, 1004.6MHz to be accurate; which has also been confirmed by CPU-Z. Your CPU should be clocked at 2.7GHz, not 1GHz. The problem is that your CPU multiplier is set as x 5.0, again confirmed by CPU-Z. Since your CPU multiplier is set as 5, the frequency is determined by multiplying 5 with your bus speed, in this case, 200.92. So 200.92 (Bus Speed) x 5 (CPU multiplier) = 1004.6GHz.

    Your CPU multiplier should be set at x 13.5, giving you a frequency of 2.7GHz.

    What I would advise is that you should go into your BIOS, look for options to alter your CPU configuration, usually under the tab "CPU" or "Advanced." Thereafter look for the option "CPU Clock Ratio," "CPU Multiplier" or anything similar. Once you've found this, manually increase it to 13.5 or set it to auto.

    If in doubt, just reset your BIOS configuration, and then remember to set your hard drives back to AHCI, or in the rare case IDE; whichever it's on now. If you're still stuck, please reply back and if possible, provide photos/screenshots of your BIOS so I can assist you; please try and get a few different shots of your BIOS screens.

    All the best. :)
  2. Dear Obnoxious

    Thank you for the fast response,

    I checked the multiplier from bios it was set as "auto". Then i changed it manually to 13 (this is the highest multiplier option)

    Unfortunately nothing changed, i still see multiplier as 5 and 1 gHz even though i manually set it to 13 (see the attached photo)

  3. Thank you for your follow up response and providing additional photos/screenshots. According to your BIOS, it's reading your CPU at the correct frequency; so there are no problems there. It's most likely after loading Windows 8 which is causing your CPU to be downclocked.

    If possible, could you try going into your Windows 8 Control Panel, then search for "power options" and click it. Then click "show additional plans" and select "High performance" (or "Balanced" if high performance is not present.) Selecting the plan will increase your screen brightness, along with giving your computer more performance, which may include increasing your CPU's frequency.

    All the best. :)
  4. Thank you again,

    I have changed the power option from balanced to "high performance".
    Still no change, 1.0 gHz.

    But what i realised was that, when i boot the computer and check the speed from CPU-Z, the multiplier was continuously altering between 5 and 13.5 (no mid values). After about 5 min, miltiplier was stucking to 5 and does not change.
    Could it be related with cpu temperature? In the above case the temperature was about 60 at the beginnig going slowly up to 70 C.
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