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Hello, I recently built my first computer with an Asus p8z77 LK mobo, a samsung 120 gb ssd, and a western digital 2tb hard drive. When I started up my computer I noticed that the bios was detecting my disk reader and my ssd but not my western digital drive. After some fiddling I was able to get it noticed but when I booted up windows from my ssd it wouldn't recognize my hard drive. Does using a sata 3 cable instead of 2 cause this? Any ideas on how to fix this?
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    If bios sees it, and windows doesn't, you probably just need to create a partition and format it in disk manager. The cable should matter.
  2. The cable should or shouldn't matter? It says the drive is unallocated.
  3. Unallocated means there's no partitions
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