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What's better for a gaming headsets?The Turtle Beach Shadow
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  1. Budget?
  2. 120 dollars but which of this two would you recommend me?
  3. If you don't mind going a different route, this will work so much better than any headset you'll buy. Today (only), Amazon is having an awesome sale on a Harmon Kardon CL Precision headphones.

    It's only $65. Its original price is $250. Pair it with a modmic ($50) and not only will it work as a headset, but it can function as a really good pair of headphones for music.
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    MrAnagaM said:
    What's better for a gaming headsets?The Turtle Beach Shadow

    I would save up a little more to get something from Astro's. Owning the A30's, 40's, & 50's I know they're great; They don't break easily like Turtle Beaches, and they're multi-platform.
  5. Steelseries V2?
  6. lol,what do you want your headsets to be able to do,any special features?
    Surround sound by Dolby,Usb or 3.5mm Jack or both!,Do you want the foam cups to have a curtain shapes!?
    you see Gaming headsets come in all flavors! you need to think about what you need them for ?,are you a Dota player who sits playing matches for hours ? then you need really light really comfortable foam,if you are a fps player then i will recommend headsets whose feature is the highest sound quality and sharpness so you can hear them footsteps lol!,want to sit on your couch and race ? get some wireless headphones!,Tell us what you will use them for so choosing a pair of headphones suited to your exact needs would be easy! and better too!
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