Best GPU for maxing out games on 1080p?

What's the best GPU to max out games like Battlefield 4, Skyrim at 1080p? My brother has had his computer for about 4 months now, and he doesn't have a GPU because he doesn't know what to buy. His budget is $500, but if he can get anything below $500 that can fulfill what he wants, he definitely wants that instead. We were looking at the EVGA 770 4GB Dual Classified, but we don't know.

CPU: i5-4670K
MOBO: Gigabyte Z87-HD3
PSU: Corsair CX750M
Case: Zalman Z11
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  1. GTX 770 is a great option under $500 and will definitely max out those games @ 1080p.
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    A 3GB GTX 780 (non TI) would be a better option than a 4GB GTX 770 if the limit is $500.

    Having said that, if you don't care about effects like PhysX (which personally, I love), then AMD offers a better price/performance ratio. For example, for BF4 and Skyrim, AMD would offer better performance relative to the price.

    Anyway, considering the 4GB Classified GTX 770 you're looking at is cheaper than a 780, it's still a great card that should max anything. The next Nvidia upgrade would cost $100 more, and an AMD card at the same price point would run hotter and lose HBAO+ and PhysX.
  3. The 780 is a much better option than the 770.
  4. Look at either the nVidia 780 or AMD R9 290 lines. Go with a 3rd party card that has good cooling and quiet fans.

    Games like BF4 and Thief benefit from AMD Mantle and get a nice performance boost.

    AMD recently lowered some of their GPU prices so now is a good opportunity to get a little more for your money if you shop around. NVidia will probably follow suit soon...if you want to wait and see.
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