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After making a lot of research I am thinking to upgrade my monitor to a 144hz monitor. Now I have a 23" LG Flatron E2380VX. After all the 144hz monitors I was looking at I think that if I were to upgrade I would buy the Asus VG248QE, but is it worth upgrading? I use my computer for mostly gaming and streaming. I get 'n' amount of fps in the game:
BF: Hardline beta - 140-200 fps
League of Legends - 350-400 fps
Call of duty Ghosts - 200 fps
Watch Dogs - 145-150 fps
All of this games were on Ultra settings.

My system:
Geforce GTX 690
Asus Maximus VI Formula
850 Watt Power Supply

Summary: Q1: Should I upgrade to a 144hz monitor from a 60hz? Q2: Is it worth losing a little colour to get a higher refresh rate and get a 1ms instead of 5m? Q3: If I should upgrade do you think the Asus VG248QE is worth buying or something else with 144hz?
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    The Asus VG248QE is defently worth your money, and it would probably help your aim on both Call of Duty and Battlefield with the 144hz, which gives a lower input lag, and the 1ms. once you get used to the 144hz, and it seems like your hardware would have no problem pushing 144fps in games.
    With streaming you could even reuse your current monitor for the chat, stream options and whatnot. running besides your 144hz monitor.

    You should maybe also consider BenQ monitors, mainly talking about the BenQ XL2420Z. But also the cheaper option, the BenQ XL2411Z.

    Personally i have a VG248QE in the house but it's my brothers, i myself is also in the middle of the res vs color vs hz question, for me it seems to go res>color>hz but that highly depends on yourself and what type of games you play.
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