Which case is the most appropriate?

Hello everyone.

I'm planning to build a new PC and I have already bought the motherboard: an Asus M5A97 EVO 2; the processor (FX-8320) and the graphics: a Sapphire r9 280x dual-x (so I won't change these components).

I want to buy a Cooler Master EVO 212 and a Zalman z3 plus case, but the problem is that I don't know if it will fit inside that case, and if it will block the first RAM slot, because it is really close to the CPU socket.
Also, the zalman Z3 plus would have any problem with the graphic card size?

I have choosen Z3 plus because i like that design and it's about 40€ but I wouldn't mind changing it so the cooler and graphics can fit inside. I will buy the FSP 650W Raider 80+ Silver supply too.

Thank you very much, and sorry for my bad English!
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    Hyper 212 EVO can mount horizontally or vertically with the fan on either side of the cooler, in push or pull. and the fan can slide up or down on the cooler around 1/4" (1cm) So RAM clearance should be a non issue.

    I can say from personal experience, the CoolerMaster Storm Scout 2 has plenty of clearance for this heatsink as well as some other nice features. I've even crammed a Phanteks TC14PE in it, but MAN was it a tight fit.

    Your best bet is to check Zalman's site for specs on the Z3 Plus and see if it supports heatsinks as tall as the Hyper 212 EVO.

    * EDIT *

    According to this video it looks like it JUST barely fits:
  2. Hi waor
    The cooler master hyper 212 evo stands 159mm tall
    The Zalman z3 plus case has a max cpu cooler height support of 160mm so it will fit

    The Radeon R9-280X requires a psu with 30A on the +12v rail and a 550W psu minimum
    so you have the right amount of wattage and some headroom and has 50Aon the +12v rail,
    however from what i can determine this psu has low grade capacitors , you would be better
    purchasing a quality psu from
    seasonic/xfx or any psu from corsairs TX, HX or AX range of psu's as they all have high grade japanese capacitors
  3. Thank you very much guys I really appreciate your answers. Eventually, I'm going to get the zalman Z3 since the video shows the cooler fits inside.

    Btw, thank you mickypheonix for your suggested PSUs, I have searched for some of these you said but they are absolutely out of my budget (I have planned 60€ for the psu) and there was just a xfx model of 550W that was over 60€ but I don't think it would be fine for my PC since I have planned OC the CPU and that psu wouldn't be that good.
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