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I have been using a Kingston 60GB SSDNow V+200 drive and am quiet satisfied with its performance. Due to space constraint I have decided to go for a 120GB drive, others are way out of my league. I would like you to suggest me a drive similar in performance to V+200 and/or with higher endurance, frankly I don't have much money ($125 after selling my SSD). The following are available and in my range;

Kingston V300 120GB $80
Transcend 340 128GB $106
Toshiba Q Pro 128GB $125 (Preferably I will love to not buy this unless the benefits are great)
Intel 530 120GB $135 (I will have to take a loan for this unless the benefits are tremendous)
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  1. I would look for a Samsung EVO.
    Intel and Samsung are usually the two most reliable, but today, Samsung evo is cheaper than Intel.
  2. No, I am in Pakistan so no amazon or online retails you know of.
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