4pin Case Fan not working on 3pin motherboard!!!

Hi guys, I bought a noctua pwm case fan that has a 4pin connecter.
I tried connecting it to the 3pin CHA_FAN2 connecter on the motherboard, but the fan only spins before my computer boots into windows. The fan stops working as soon as the Asus logo finishes loading. What could be the problem? Is it possible for me to fix this?
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  1. Ok, I turned off the Q fan thing in the bios, and now the exhaust fan and the case fan are both running at 100% speed!
    Its working now, but is this safe? The exhaust fan is going 2600rpm...
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    there are made to work this way on the 3 pins connector since your motherboard do not have a 4 pins pwm connector on leave them this way .
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