I need some advice building my system

I'm new to building my own system so I've been looking at posts on Toms and I think I have some good ideas but still not the confidence to buy these without some pro input.

Motherboard - Asrock heard these were great mb's not sure which one would fit my system best.

GPU - ASUS GTX 780ti dc2oc 3gd5

CPU - i5 4670k

PSU - Corsair AX series AX 860

HHD - Western Digital WD blue wd 10 Ezel 1tb 7200 rpm 64 mb cache sata 6.0 gb/s 3.5 internal hard drive

SSD - samsung 840 pro 256gb

OS - windows 8.1

I want to run games on high settings without having any issues with low fps or lagging.
I'll be doing some video editing as well.
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    You coyld consider the i5 4690k now

    See -,3824.html - ASRock Z97 Extreme 4

    SSD, HDD, GPU and PSU good

    Case? OS?
  2. O.S. Windows 8.1
    Need a case as well if you have any suggestions.
  3. For one 780Ti - a mid tower. If you want to then get another - a large mid tower or small full tower.

    For one card and maybe two try CoolerMaster HAFXM or StormStryker or Corsair 750D
  4. What kind of performance increases can one expect by using 2x 780ti's vs. 1?
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