ASUS P8Z68-VLX, 2 slots not working. I can only put 1 stick of Ram at a time.

Hi there, first sorry about my English, not used to explain those things in English. And thanks!

I bought a "Dark Rock 3(be quiet!)" cooler and 16GB(8x2) of Ram "Ballistix(Crucial)" I built myself as always and now when I put 2 Ram slots, the new ones or even the old ones(4x2), I just get Red Lights in the motherboard. Also I have done some test and only on the closest slots to the CPU they work(blue-black) but not in the further ones(blue-black).

I am only putting 2 same Ram cards at a time and at the same color. My other specs are:
Motherboard: ASUS P8Z68-VLX
GPU: Geforce GTX 660
Power: Thermaltake Litepower 700W
HDD: 1TB sata 3( I believe)
CPU: Intel I5 2500K

Red lights appear when I put 2 memory Ram just when I turn on the Pc, the BIOS don't load, the pc turn off auto and the it turn on auto too...

My theory is perhaps the power supply is getting short? Now sure but the cooler says 190W, plus GPU, etc. I need for studying(using UE4, 3dMax, Photoshop) so also I'm a bit short of money.

Well, tell me something and thanks.
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  1. Try putting the 2x8GB sticks in the blue (A2 & B2) slots, reset your CMOS clock, see where you get then
  2. Hi thank you very much. I tried to plug and unplug the battery of the CMOS clock and actually something change, put the two RAM's in the blue slots and now the pc didn't start but it didn't turn off and the turn on, now it just turn on and stays on, also with the red light.

    Please tell me other things to try! Thanks.
  3. You can check that the CMOS battery is at 3v (replace if not), although I haven't seen that behavior from an Asus board, I have seen similar issues on Foxconn and ECS boards simply from the CMOS battery being bad - it's something to check anyway.
    In the mean time (while I go through your manual), I do have a few questions;
    In the thread title you state "New Built", is that referring to the new ram and cooler or the whole build?
    Can you give us the model number of the ram (both old and new sticks) and was the new memory purchased as a "kit" or individually?
  4. I had 8gb of Ram and the cooler that came with the Intel I5 2500K I just bought the the new cooler and 2 sticks of ram together.
    The CMOS battery is the one who came with the motherboard, and it is like 3 years old and I use a lot the computer because I work/play with it. A lot means like more or less all days 8h min.

    And the model numbers:
    Old ones: 2x4gb Corsair Vengance CMZ8GX3M2A16009B
    New ones: 2x8gb Ballistix by crucial BLS8g3d1609S1S00

    I have to point that they work all the sticks alone. Also I get the red light in the mem ok led, what can mean that? only with 2 ram sticks...

    And thank you taking your time.
  5. Any overclocking before?
    I'm sort of getting the impression the Crucial ram is simply not playing nice together, try the Corsair 2x4 set again (reset CMOS again if needed), see if they'll work in the blue slots. If they will then I'll suggest contacting Crucial (or the vendor) about replacement
  6. No overclock, I tried everything, reset the CMOS trying the old ones and they don't even work together(2x4), red light. The new ones the same, red light.Can be that the motherboard somehow broke? Also I can try to press the Mem Ok button if it does something?

    And well resetting the CMOS is just changing the CLRTC jumpers, as it say in the manual right?

    And as always thank you.
  7. I think MemOkay! should've been one of our first options, give it a shot. Note that the computer may attempt to start a few times and the process may take a few minutes during which time the PC will appear to be in a "boot loop" but in reality, it's trying different frequency/timing combinations. It will either stop after a while saying "process failed" or (hopefully) boot up allowing you to continue into BIOS (and OS)
  8. Hey still alive!!!, has been some busy days... So I tried MemOkay! and it didn't work. It restarted the computer several times(like 2) and the light stop blinking, I leave it for 5 min and nothing.

    I even use the vacuum softly... is so strange that only 2 slots don't work. What can I do to test more things? Just tell me, I'm at your service haha

    As always thank you
  9. Aw shucks, here I was thinking MemOkay! was the cure...
    While it is possible (and seeming more and more likely) that the motherboard is problematic, I'm thinking it may be the CMOS battery itself, was it's voltage checked or was it replaced?
  10. Alright I checked another time, the time before I didn't remember the Voltage because it didn't say... It says: "KTS Lithium Battery Japan STD CR 2032" I google it and is like very standard 3V. So I try to buy a new one? Any recommendation? I can go buy one in a few hours and I tell you, but say me if I have to be aware of something haha...
  11. You can find those at most any hardware or drug store, CR 2032 is a rather common size, I will suggest replacement. The only thing to be aware of is the orientation of the battery (so you don't put it in upside down)
  12. I mean like if it was better any brand of stuff like that haha...
    Well I change the CMOS battery and still the red lights even, another time, with the old ones. I don't know, so it is the motherboard? Can be like when I put the cooler something get unplugged?? I look over the motherboard and all seem to be fine.
  13. I spent some time looking through similar threads and I'm beginning to wonder about the TT PSU you're sporting there - it's 2+ years old correct? Do you have a way to check the voltages (a digital multimeter) from the PSU? I'm beginning to believe your PSU is delivering wonky voltages (or not enough voltage) here.
  14. I don't have one, but I looked in the BIOS the Ram voltage and it's at 1,650 I believe. And yes +2 year old. There is any way to test it?
  15. With a multimeter, a rudimentary test can be done by following the voltage pin outs shown here and as shown in this video
    Out of curiosity, have you notice more fan noise lately - notably from the PSU?
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