New Hard drive or SSD? From 5600 RPM

Hello, when th Devils Canyon i5 comes out Im doing an upgrade and decided that since i'm upgrading that I may as well upgrade the oldest thing in my system. It's literally the only thing I have left from my original build and it is a 1TB 5600 RPM cheapo hard drive. I am fully aware of the benefits of an SSD but since it is such a slow drive would it just be better to get a cheap SSD or a 1TB Western Digital black hard drive? Or would it be worth it just to get a 10,000 RPM hard drive? Because I can't afford both it can only be one or the other. Sorry about being so specific it's just that I have not found someone with the same issue, thank you for any help given.

My price range is about 110 dollars.
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    I would personally keep the hard drive as a data/storage drive and get a nice SSD. For ~$110 you can get a 256GB SSD and have great performance & decent capacity
  2. They are out.

    Get an SSD to put your OS on ($100). Then later get a 7200rpm HDD (2TB $80).
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